Are you worried about not hearing back from companies when you apply for a job? 

Are you confident that you're a well-qualified candidate, but you don't know how to succinctly communicate your value? 

Darren Krakowiak, the author of The 5 Ps of Commercial Real Estate Success and the host of CRE Success: The Podcast, created this resource in July 2020 because more people are asking for support with getting their next job.


This short document will show you:

  • The format to use for your cover letter, depending on the circumstances

  • Tips to go the extra mile and set yourself apart from other applicants

  • The three main points that your cover letter should get across to the reader

  • Why you shouldn't just re-hash your CV - and how optimising your CV is a different process to tailoring a cover letter for a person, place and position 

  • The right language and tone of voice to use - whilst ensuring your personality shines through

Available for a limited time only!

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