The 5 Ps of Commercial Real Estate success: A Preview

Updated: Jul 20

I founded CRE Success to help people working in commercial real estate achieve their professional goals.

I then wrote the eBook, The 5 Ps of Commercial Real Estate Success, to share my firsthand knowledge of the qualities that successful CRE professionals possess.

There are many factors which contribute to someone’s success in business. Some attributes may be more innate – a part of a person’s DNA – than the five Ps outlined in the eBook, which are behaviours that can all be learned.

In my case, a drive to be promoted quickly, and a willingness to take on the responsibility when it was offered, worked most in my favour. I also had the curiosity to find out what works and to try to adopt the behaviours that are required to keep progressing.

In part, this came from a desire to work out the most efficient way to get things done. To be clear, I wouldn’t say I’m lazy, but if there’s a quicker way to get something done right, then I’m all about that!

And this brings me to how I developed The 5 Ps of Commercial Real Estate Success.

The 5 Ps of Commercial Real Estate Success

Whenever I attended a gathering with a keynote speaker, or a town hall meeting with the company CEO, the question occupying my mind would always be:

What makes people successful in business?

The speakers I typically listen to about success do not suggest specific processes or discuss their daily rituals. Rather, they talk about a way of being, a set of principles they live by that help anchor them in daily life. Throughout the duration of these speakers’ presentations, the audience is invited to absorb the principles into their own routines.

As I noticed some common themes in these leaders’ success journeys, I did my best to apply those principles to the way I approached my career, to give myself the best chance of success. Hard work, resilience, preparation and working well with others were all attributes that I could identify with.

Even though I tried to emulate the successful people who I had seen speak, when I was first asked the same question in a team meeting with many of my staff in attendance, “What makes people successful in commercial real estate?”, I didn’t have a prepared response. Fortunately, I managed to give a half reasonable answer on the spot, but it wasn’t a definitive list like I’d seen other leaders reel off.

When I was asked, “What makes people successful in commercial real estate?”, I realised that I had achieved a lot during my career, within a relatively short period of time. My career progression had made people curious about my thoughts on the topic of success. It was a humbling moment. I felt proud of my accomplishments, but also a sense of responsibility to share what I have learnt and to help others, the same way the keynote speakers’ wisdom had helped me.

This led me to an important realisation: I needed to package my thoughts into a structure, something that I could easily carry around with me – mentally speaking; a briefcase of the mind, ready to unpack and share when the situation presented itself.

As any seasoned professional or traveller knows, a bag – be it a briefcase, suitcase or backpack – must be packed efficiently for it to be truly useful.  The ‘briefcase’ I was constructing in my mind had to transport all of my knowledge, so it would be essential for me to keep things organised.

I began writing all of my experiences in detail – down to a P, not a T. Why a P? The more I reflected on my experiences and observations, the more I spotted a pattern emerging: the attributes for success generally started with the letter P. I selected the fundamental attributes from the list and thus, The 5 Ps of Commercial Real Estate Success was created.

To be clear, the 5 Ps are not meant to be to the exclusion of all other attributes, or a catch all for every single attribute required. But the 5 Ps are meant to cover what I believe are some core concepts.

I must confess that I haven’t always lived my professional life according to the 5 Ps, even after I settled on them as the basis of success. I wish I could stay true to my values all the time, but occasionally I have failed.

The 5 Ps of Commercial Real Estate Success eBook

That being said, I do know that when I stay true to the 5 Ps, I achieved more success, and at times when I’ve strayed, coming back to the principles has helped me get back on track.

The 5 Ps of Commercial Real Estate Success are Passion, Persistence, Positive Thinking, Preparation and Professionalism. If you would like to learn more about how to apply the 5 Ps in your career and elevate your own success, click here to download the eBook, or enter your name and email address below, and a free copy will be sent to you straight away.

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