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Keen to play a bigger game? Open to fresh ideas? CRE Success: Starter will get you some quick wins and help you rise to the next level.

You'll garner new skills on prospecting, pitch & win, and client retention - leading to more new clients, higher instances of repeat business and a steady flow of referrals to keep your pipeline full.

The content deals with mindset & motivation - to help you achieve your full potential. It also covers personal branding - so you can build a relevant network of potential clients.

If you've been thinking about investing in your own success, this is the perfect first step towards building momentum that lasts.

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Five short courses

The workshops, which range in length from 22 to 34 minutes each - covering mindset, prospecting, personal branding, pitch & win, and client retention - are made especially for client-facing and revenue-generating CRE professionals.

Four special bonuses

You'll also get our guide to season 1 of CRE Success: The Podcast (including full episode transcripts), an eBook, a goal setting workshop and an additional surprise bonus workshop (we can't tell you what it is yet - that would ruin the surprise!!).

One-time investment

Your log-in credentials for CRE Success: Starter will expire after three months. That's right: your small one-time investment gets you a full quarter year of access to the curriculum, so you can keep cultivating the actions and attributes required to succeed.

Act now to get CRE Success: Starter for less than $100 USD!

CRE Success: Starter contains over $400 USD of value, but right now we're helping you kick-start your professional development journey for just $97 USD.

Give me CRE Success: Starter for just $97 USD

Act now to get CRE Success: Starter for less than $100 USD!

CRE Success: Starter contains over $400 USD of value, but right now we're helping you kick-start your professional development journey for just $97 USD.

Give me CRE Success: Starter for just $97 USD

CRE Success: Starter contains over $400 USD of value

When you own CRE Success: Starter, you get instant access to five short digital courses that are full of actionable-insights for commercial real estate professionals.

The CRE Success LMS (learning management system) is accessible online via your desktop or through an app on your phone which you'll be invited to download after your purchase.

Each of the courses inside CRE Success: Starter contain videos of between 22 and 34 minutes in length - so you can consume them quickly and then get on with implementation.

You'll also get four amazing bonuses. The first one covers the bases of commercial real estate success. Bonus number two covers success in our industry from a range of vantage points. The third bonus will help you aim higher, by delving into goal setting. And the fourth one is waiting for you on the inside!!

Get to the next level with Darren

Darren Krakowiak is the Founder of CRE Success and your instructor in each of the modules in CRE Success: Starter.

He has 20 years of commercial real estate experience, including more than a decade in senior leadership positions at CBRE and JLL.

Importantly, Darren is passionate about helping others succeed. He has created CRE Success: Starter specifically for people who are looking for a fast, affordable and effective way to acquire relevant skills in the modern commercial real estate market.

Get ahead of the game, score some quick wins and rise to the next level with CRE Success: Starter

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What people say about Darren and the content inside CRE Success: Starter

"I've enjoyed Darren's forward-thinking's been fantastic to complete the commercial real estate modules"

Jack Bradshaw, LJ Hooker Commercial

"Darren is a seasoned presenter and polished speaker who crafts his content to be interesting and relevant for his audience"

Leonie Mitaxa, JLL

"I thoroughly recommend the course, to be introduced to new and innovative ways to best achieve success in our business"

Con Karvooris, ProRealty

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We guarantee that CRE Success: Starter will help you level-up your commercial real estate career. You'll learn how to set bigger goals, as well as the actions and attributes needed to achieve them sooner. If you consume the content and don't agree that it will help you do that, just let us know within 14 days of your purchase and we will refund your money - 100% in full!! 

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