I don’t drink anymore – my 1000-day milestone of being alcohol-free Sep 22, 2022

This Saturday is a special milestone for me. It will be 1,000 days since I've had a drink.

Now that would be a cause for celebration for anyone. And in the past, a way for me to celebrate would be to go out and have a few drinks.

But I won't be doing that because I don't drink any more.


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How to make your commercial real estate career goals come true Sep 14, 2022

There’s one big thing you should do to create a more certain future for your commercial real estate career.

I’m talking about it in episode 105 of CRE Success: The Podcast – check out the player below to listen now.

In this final edition in a special series of episodes with...

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Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing in commercial real estate Sep 08, 2022

There's a theory about team building and development that says you will inevitably go through a few stages on your way towards success.

From my experience, it’s pretty accurate.

It starts with forming – cautiously coming together.

Then comes storming - a period of conflict;...

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How you handle negative feedback can determine your future success Sep 01, 2022

Do you know why observational comedy works?

As you may have heard, “it’s funny because it’s true”.

However, feedback is different.

The most valuable personalised and constructive comments you receive can also be the hardest to accept.

You know, because “the truth...

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Here’s some of the worst advice I received as a real estate agent Aug 25, 2022

An old boss once told me that I will have "made it" once I was making a certain amount of money.

That was bad advice for a range of reasons.

Firstly, it was a low number versus what is possible in our industry and what I could achieve – he was projecting his own limiting beliefs onto me.


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Our 100th episode is out now…but that’s not cause for celebration! Aug 11, 2022

In the 2016 presidential election campaign, when the number of countries Hillary Clinton visited as Secretary of State was listed as an accomplishment, Carly Fiorina (a GOP hopeful) pointedly said that “flying is an activity, it’s not an accomplishment”.

Well, I’ve just...

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Three systems to incorporate into your commercial real estate business Aug 04, 2022

You may not rise to the level of your goals, but you will only fall as far as your systems allow.

That's my take on what James Clear says in his best-selling book, 'Atomic Habits'.

With that in mind, here are three systems that will make your commercial real estate business less exposed to...

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The most frustrating customer service failure I’ve ever dealt with Jul 29, 2022

I am one of the thousands of Australians who have had a negative experience with Qantas this year.

My story is that they sent me an email in January letting me know that I was owed a partial refund on the taxes and fees I paid for a frequent flyer booking from 2020. That was welcome news!


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How to scale commercial real estate - podcast appearance Jul 24, 2022

Real estate is a hyper-competitive industry, so how can people in the cut-and-thrust rise above the fray and be better people? 

This is some of what was discussed when I was a guest on Sam Wilson's How to Scale Commercial Real Estate podcast. 

We also talked about the...

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Goals are difficult to achieve if you’re always on a mystery flight Jul 21, 2022

Have you heard of a mystery flight?

They are a gimmick by airlines in Australia where the plane’s destination is a surprise to all the passengers on board.

That might be fun to do once or twice, but you probably wouldn't want every trip you take to be like that.

It's similar in business:...

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