The Secrets to Scaling Your Commercial Real Estate Agency Apr 12, 2023

Here is a new interview that any ambitious commercial real estate professional should love.

In our latest podcast episode with Peter Vines, the Managing Director of Ray White Commercial Western Sydney, my special guest talks about:

 his decision to leave the security of a big firm and...

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Staying Relevant and Adding Value in Uncertain Markets Apr 05, 2023

As a commercial real estate professional, it’s vital it is to maintain strong relationships with our clients and stay relevant in their eyes.

But when uncertainty grows, like many of us are experiencing in 2023, it can be challenging to keep those connections thriving when transaction...

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Developing expertise in specialised markets Mar 29, 2023

Celestine Eramo of ASL Real Estate joined CRE Success last year.

She is a fantastic example of how to get the most from our training and coaching program for commercial real estate agents.

And I thought this week would be a great time to invite Celestine to be on the podcast, because not only...

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Learning from the mistakes of others is a great strategy Mar 22, 2023

Last week I didn’t share any video from my interview with Chris Stewart of LJ Hooker Commercial on the blog.

It wasn’t because I forgot to share the link or because it was bad content – in fact, it contains one of the nicest testimonials I’ve ever received.

The reason I...

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How our little podcast got to 50,000 unique downloads (and counting) Mar 08, 2023

I'm happy to be able to say that the podcast clicked over 50,000 downloads last week.

It only took us 129 episodes and close to three years to get there (yes, sticking with it and releasing lots of episodes helped us to hit the milestone ).

I appreciate each and every person who has taken the...

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How to build a commercial real estate agency empire from scratch Mar 01, 2023

I met Daniel O’Brien back in 2020, the first time he was a guest on the podcast.

Since then, he’s launched his own commercial real estate agency empire, X Commercial – incredibly, he’s grown the brand from one to five locations across Sydney in less than 18 months.

Dan is...

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Build a team with different people to drive stronger growth Feb 22, 2023

When I first started leading commercial real estate teams, I naively thought that if I could just find more people who were a lot like me, or perhaps clone myself, then the business would be able to grow even faster.

But that was wrong!

The businesses I led didn’t need a team that...

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How Top Salespeople Become Great Business Leaders Feb 15, 2023

Kristian Lunardi and Damien Theisz of Nelson Alexander Commercial have been clients of CRE Success for over a year now…in fact, they were the very first (brave!) people to join our signature business coaching program for commercial real estate leaders who want to develop their people and...

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Making a Name for Yourself: Building a Strong Personal Brand in Commercial Real Estate Feb 08, 2023

I am not much good at creating catchy blog titles and hooks for social media, which puts my content's discoverability at a disadvantage.

So, recognising my weakness, I decided to ask ChatGPT this question:

Tell me 20 podcast episode titles that are about how professionals can grow their...

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How to keep it real while growing your personal brand online Feb 01, 2023

A lot of commercial real estate agents and leaders I work with want to grow their personal brand using platforms like LinkedIn.

And even though they can see others in the market succeeding at this, they’re often worried about seeming full of themselves if they do the same thing…or...

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