How should people in commercial real estate be investing their time? Apr 23, 2021

Sometimes you need to invest time to make time, even (or especially) when you don't have time.

One of the things that I hear from people when I'm talking about the opportunities for coaching and training is that there's no time.

"We're too busy", is an objection I've heard.

An owner of a...

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The benefits of mentoring Apr 13, 2021

In late 2019, when I was still working at JLL in Melbourne, and before I launched CRE Success, I was proud to be selected as a Mentor in the Property Council of Australia's 2020 Mentoring Program.

An outline of the program (as it was intended to be before COVID-19 was "a thing")...

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21 things you must know before you can grow on Clubhouse Feb 11, 2021

Become a Clubhouse pro...Clubhouse is the new audio-only networking platform that it seems like everyone who is anyone is currently obsessed with.

Listen to the above clip which features Darren Krakowiak, Founder of CRE Success, speaking to Nina Christian, Founder and Managing...

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A new success platform for people in commercial real estate Dec 11, 2020

Thanks to Tobi Skovron, CEO of Creative Cubes, a leading co-working operator in Melbourne, for inviting me to be a guest on his vlog for the second time in 2020 - what an honour!!

In this video, I share with Tobi's audience (which includes a lot of commercial real estate agents)...

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The secret to revitalising our CBDs: getting rid of bad bosses! Nov 30, 2020

Bad bosses used to be good for the vibrancy of our central business districts (CBDs). The assembly of team members to bad mouth the boss after work has no doubt fuelled many an evening to power on for hours longer than they may have otherwise - with the successive rounds of drinks keeping the...

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The one thing to think about before you call a client Nov 08, 2020

November 3rd 2020 was like the Super Bowl! Well, kind of, if you're an election nerd like me. Though, technically, it was November 4th 2020 for me, due to the time difference between Australia and the US.

Just before the results started rolling in, I recorded this short message about the US...

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The best advice for real estate graduates in a COVID world Nov 08, 2020

What can an aspiring commercial real estate (CRE) professional do to create career opportunities in the midst of COVID-19? Are recently minted and soon-to-be qualified graduates destined to miss out on the important indoctrination into our industry which has built the careers of so many before...

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The 6 steps every new CRE solopreneur must take Nov 08, 2020

Earlier this year I wrote about some of the impacts of COVID-19. At the time, I mentioned that we will see a more flexible and contingent workforce in the future. As this change occurs, we are seeing people pivot from being employees to entrepreneurs.

I noted that, due to redundancies in the...

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Top 5 authors for CRE people (and where not to read them) Nov 08, 2020

One of the things I consider as being necessary to succeed is a positive attitude. Of course, a positive attitude alone doesn’t mean you’ll succeed, but it sure does help when things don’t turn out so well.

Consuming positive content that resonates with you helps shift your...

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Six reasons to treat employees like gold after they resign Nov 08, 2020

You may have heard about some awkward resignation stories. I have observed some first hand. After an employee resigns – unless they are marched out the door – there is often that month of limbo between tendering the resignation and their actual last day with the firm.

For a company or...

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