Instead of doing everything you can, try being better at everything that matters Oct 26, 2022

Top performers in commercial real estate don't maintain their position by doing everything that can possibly be done.

Instead, they typically do everything that matters better than everyone else (and perhaps a little bit more, just to be diligent).

This is usually more than enough – and a...

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How long should you wait for someone to turn up before getting up and leaving? Oct 19, 2022

Nearly 20 years ago, a former boss taught me an important lesson about self-respect.

After waiting 20 minutes for a client to turn up for a meeting, my boss just got up and left (and I followed him).

Not waiting longer than 20 minutes for someone was a rule he had so people didn't waste his time....

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Taking time off is an important part of working in commercial real estate Oct 12, 2022

Have you ever worked for a boss who made you feel guilty for taking time off?

You had no reason to feel bad because taking a break is part of your job.

It's just as important as everything else that you do, because having time off helps you be at your best when you need to perform.

In fact, if...

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It’s time for you to show up more Oct 05, 2022

Have you heard the saying that 90% of life is just showing up?

I believe it’s mostly true, but also that you should do more than just be there.

Now more than ever, it’s time to not only front up, but to bring your A-game when you do.

I’m sharing what I’ve learned about...

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The inevitable rise of record-low interest rates Sep 28, 2022

Interest rates have been abnormally low for an unusually long time.

Rising inflation was the trigger for interest rates inevitably rising from their record lows sooner than many people expected.

I’m not sure if we are heading for a big economic turndown, are already in the middle of one, or...

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I don’t drink anymore – my 1000-day milestone of being alcohol-free Sep 22, 2022

This Saturday is a special milestone for me. It will be 1,000 days since I've had a drink.

Now that would be a cause for celebration for anyone. And in the past, a way for me to celebrate would be to go out and have a few drinks.

But I won't be doing that because I don't drink any more.


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How to make your commercial real estate career goals come true Sep 14, 2022

There’s one big thing you should do to create a more certain future for your commercial real estate career.

I’m talking about it in episode 105 of CRE Success: The Podcast – check out the player below to listen now.

In this final edition in a special series of episodes with...

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Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing in commercial real estate Sep 08, 2022

There's a theory about team building and development that says you will inevitably go through a few stages on your way towards success.

From my experience, it’s pretty accurate.

It starts with forming – cautiously coming together.

Then comes storming - a period of conflict;...

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How you handle negative feedback can determine your future success Sep 01, 2022

Do you know why observational comedy works?

As you may have heard, “it’s funny because it’s true”.

However, feedback is different.

The most valuable personalised and constructive comments you receive can also be the hardest to accept.

You know, because “the truth...

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Here’s some of the worst advice I received as a real estate agent Aug 25, 2022

An old boss once told me that I will have "made it" once I was making a certain amount of money.

That was bad advice for a range of reasons.

Firstly, it was a low number versus what is possible in our industry and what I could achieve – he was projecting his own limiting beliefs onto me.


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