Three questions to answer before you pitch Dec 09, 2021

Before you dive head-first into your next pitch or RFP response, here are three questions to ask:

1. Do you want it?

2. Can you win it?

3. Should you chase it?

The first question is about whether it’s an attractive opportunity for you.

The next question deals with your ability to compete...

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How to respond when you don't win business in commercial real estate Dec 02, 2021

What should you do when you get a call after a pitch and the prospect says, "I'm sorry, but we've decided to go with a competitor"?

Sometimes, when confronted with this news, we're inclined to tell ourselves: "You can't win them all”, and just move on to the next thing.

And in some ways, that’s...

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Getting started with prospecting in commercial real estate Nov 18, 2021

One of the most common hurdles when it comes to gaining momentum with prospecting in commercial real estate is: “I don’t know where to start”.

I get it; there are so many things you could do, that you can end up not knowing just what it is you should be doing.

Here are five ways...

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How to thrive in a toxic workplace culture Nov 11, 2021

Do you know what it means to be low vibe?

Episode 61 of CRE Success: The Podcast will help you identify who low vibe people are and make sure you’re not negatively impacted by them.

It also covers how to deal with negative people in a positive way - so you don't become like them...

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I’m not doing that anymore! Nov 04, 2021

If you're a control freak, you might think that you're always better off doing everything yourself.

After all, if no one else can do it faster than you, better than you, or exactly the way it should be done, then you may as well just do it, right?


There comes a time to stop doing...

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Never post this type of content on LinkedIn Oct 28, 2021

Last week I created a poll on LinkedIn and I asked people this question:

“What do you think when you see people on LinkedIn sharing strong opinions about current events?”

I asked that question through the prism of Melbourne, where people are just being released from a long lockdown....

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"Open sesame!!" Oct 26, 2021

Australia's international borders officially re-open from Monday!

This is is fantastic news for a variety of reasons.

It will reconnect friends and families who have been separated for too long - or who haven't met at all - like my wife's family in Korea and our 17-month old daughter.

It means...

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Being quick doesn’t set you apart from your competitors Oct 21, 2021

What sets you apart from your competitors in the market?

I was speaking to a client about this recently and he told me that he really prides himself on being quick to respond to an inbound inquiry.

It’s one of his key service commitments.

I challenged him on that because it was in the...

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Here’s what happens when you pay for it Oct 14, 2021

Are you willing to invest in yourself?

I never used to be.

To clarify, I would read and listen attentively in company-provided training sessions, and I read plenty of books, but I didn’t believe in paying for it.

I would freely give my time to learn and grow but would balk at the idea of...

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How to be an indispensable partner in commercial real estate Oct 07, 2021

Do you want to be unstoppable in commercial real estate?

Do you want to operate at a higher level than competitors in your market?

It’s bound to happen if you’re obsessed with the results you can achieve on every project and transaction you work on.

In commercial real estate, it is...

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