Setting non-financial goals for the new financial year

Jun 30, 2022
measures of success that aren't related to business or money

It’s the last day of the financial year in Australia and a few other countries, too.

The EOFY is a time when many people reflect on their financial and professional life, and then set some goals for the following 12 months.

And that’s a good thing…as long as you’re not completely ignoring personal growth.

To acquire some attributes that will improve your entire life – and not just your work life or bank balance – I’m sharing a broader definition of what success means to me.

Because (news flash!) there’s more to life than just success in commercial real estate.

Listen to episode 94 of CRE Success: The Podcast to get some ideas on the types of non-financial ambitions you can include within your goal-setting process.

You may well find that, by improving in these areas, you also acquire some attributes that equip you for greater financial and professional success, too!

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