I’m not releasing further episodes of CRE Success: The Podcast Sep 27, 2023

I won’t be releasing any more episodes of CRE Success: The Podcast.

But I’m not giving up on creating content.

I’ve just launched a brand-new show called Commercial Real Estate Leadership.

Now, you might be wondering, why the name change?

Well, it's simple really –...

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Six strategies to drive motivation in your business. Sep 13, 2023

In old-school corporate Korea, there's an unwritten rule that you can’t leave work before your boss.

I lived and worked in Seoul for over a decade, and my observation was that this rigid practice didn’t lead to increased productivity, nor did it drive employee motivation.

So instead...

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Lessons from a five-month distraction of too much footy Sep 06, 2023

Over the past five months, I've probably watched too much footy (Australian Rules Football). 

But this distraction hasn't just been for naught – not only did I win the footy tipping (a.k.a. picking the most winners through the entire season) with a score of 150, it has also uncovered...

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Boost your revenue in difficult commercial real estate markets Aug 30, 2023

The cost-of-living crisis is likely hitting others more acutely than us fortunate folks in commercial real estate…but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any impacts.

Asset price deflation, commission compression and fewer transactions lead to lower income, so I’m sharing...

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Are you curious about working with a virtual assistant? Aug 23, 2023

Let's face it, sometimes our beliefs can stop us from trying something new.

This month I’ve been working with my members to shed some light on the misconceptions around working with virtual assistants (VAs) in commercial real estate.

Sharing my own experience of working with a VA has...

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It’s time that I start taking my own advice Aug 16, 2023

This week’s episode of the podcast is about surprising your clients, and this is a moment where I decided to take my own advice.

This week I opened up some free coaching spots for CRE Success members who aren’t usually entitled to this level of access.

I also created an annual...

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Luck, beliefs, and their impact on your results in commercial real estate. Aug 09, 2023

Today, I have a challenge for you…don’t worry, this is not a physically arduous or never-ending one.

The challenge is to reflect on whether you truly embrace your luck, and the privilege that comes from working in commercial real estate, or if a victim mentality is holding you back....

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The Power of More Than One Aug 02, 2023

Last week I got back from a fantastic business and leadership event in Hawaii, and I’ve decided to share my top takeaways with you.

From leveraging AI to leading yourself, plus the importance of branding, there was a ton of actionable advice that is relevant for commercial real estate...

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Recognising and celebrating milestones in commercial real estate Jul 26, 2023

I just released the 150th episode of the podcast, so I’ve decided that now is a good time to cover the power of recognising and celebrating milestones.

Below are a few basic but significant ways that commercial real estate agency leaders can do the same.

Recognise Employees


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Stop plodding and start progressing be being more aggressive. Jul 20, 2023

I want to open-up a discussion about an attribute that I believe can skyrocket your results in the industry: being more aggressive.

Now, before you dismiss the idea, let me clarify. I’m not talking about bulldozing your way through life, having low emotional intelligence, or becoming a...

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