A guide to 21-years of market dominance Jul 12, 2023

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Jim Tsagalis, the founder and managing director of Lease Equity, the leading retail leasing agency and property management firm in Western Australia.

Jim has been a client of CRE Success for a year now, and during our conversation he shared some...

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Creating an exceptional second half of the year Jul 05, 2023

I'm thrilled to bring you a special edition of the blog that's all about taking control of your success in the second half of this year.

I want to help you to dive deep into the strategies and mindset that are needed to get (or keep) you on track for an exceptional six months ahead.

Here is an...

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Using ChatGPT in commercial real estate: endless possibilities! Jun 28, 2023

I have just released the third and final episode in the current series covering game-changing strategies for leveraging ChatGPT in commercial real estate.

This builds on the methods we have already covered in our free ChatGPT guide for commercial real estate agents, as well as in episodes 144...

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Draft formal correspondence with ease using ChatGPT Jun 21, 2023

Have you ever started drafting correspondence and then realised you’re not sure how it should be formatted?

Looking up how to do it can take time – and then you’ve still got to write it!

Well, as you probably already know, ChatGPT is revolutionising communication and creating...

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It’s time to come clean: I have a confession about ChatGPT Jun 14, 2023

Here’s my confession about ChatGPT: when I first released an episode about ChatGPT back in January this year, I didn’t really know how to get much out of artificial intelligence.

I knew that it was powerful, and my aim was to get the word out about how ChatGPT (which was all over...

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Three Ways to Scale Your GCI in Commercial Real Estate Jun 07, 2023

Our last blog was dedicated to newbies, so now let’s go to the other end of the spectrum and discuss how experienced professionals can take their production to even greater heights.

I’ve got three powerful commercial real estate agency scaling strategies that can significantly...

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Essential Tips for Starting a Successful Career in Commercial Real Estate May 31, 2023

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional who’s always looking to improve, I’ve got something of value for you right here.

At the request of Greg, one of our loyal readers, this blog is dedicated to the topic of starting out as a commercial real estate agent or...

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It’s not enough to feel like you’re working hard. May 24, 2023

Today I want to dive into a topic that can make a real difference to your performance: getting help to make sure you’re not just doing, but also that your technique is correct.

Just as my new personal trainer has shown me with nearly every weight in the gym, it's not enough to feel like...

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Goal setting hack for people who don’t set goals. May 17, 2023

Goal setting is a cornerstone of success in commercial real estate, and it's a topic I frequently discuss with clients, members and in this blog.

One thing I’ve noticed recently is that there are a lot of action-oriented people who don’t take the time to set goals.

If that’s...

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The ONE activity that every agent should never stop doing. May 10, 2023

How is your year shaping up compared with what you were expecting?

If it’s not panning out as you would like it, I know that it's tempting to blame things like the market, your competitors or something else that is beyond your control.

This week, I want you to shift the direction by...

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