Finish first by pitching first Nov 08, 2020

When pitching for new business, would you rather be positioned first, in the middle or last on the day of presentations? Or does it not really matter?

In this video, I share which position contains the most competitive advantages - so if you're offered the opportunity to select your presenting...

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Three ways to create one culture of collaboration Nov 08, 2020

How can commercial real estate (CRE) service firms create one collaborative culture? 

It is a challenge, partly due to CRE being a competitive and performance-based industry – which makes it inherently more individualistic. Compartmentalised organisational structures divided into...

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Use your downtime to upskill Nov 08, 2020

They say you never stop learning, and during the first COVID-19 lockdown, I turned it up a notch!

I started a Graduate Certificate in Organisational Coaching at Swinburne University. I enrolled to develop the skills required to help others achieve success more quickly.

It is always...

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The one and only thing to think about when cold calling Nov 08, 2020

What's your goal when you're making cold colds? While you are prospecting for new business, it's important to be realistic about what the next step is. Having a realistic goal for the conversation will help you come across as more genuine and increase the likelihood of you getting the opportunity...

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