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"Open sesame!!"

Australia's international borders officially re-open from Monday!

This is is fantastic news for a variety of reasons.

It will reconnect friends and families who have been separated for too long - or who haven't met at all - like my wife's family in Korea and our 17-month old daughter.

It means international travel is something to look forward to again.

And it will also create more global opportunities for businesses, large and small.

Since launching CRE Success 18 months ago, I have been fortunate enough to do business with individuals and companies located in nine different countries overseas.

I have delivered several virtual speaking engagements throughout 2021 (and a few in person within Australia in the first half of this year), which I have enjoyed.

With international travel no longer restricted, I am pleased to share a new speakers kit which includes the offering of in-person speaking engagements in 2022.

If you are - or know of anyone - looking for a charismatic commercial real estate speaker, let me know.

My passport is valid, I'm fully vaccinated and I'm rarin' to go!!

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