Darren Krakowiak is a leader in the commercial real estate industry in Asia Pacific. He has coached and mentored hundreds of professionals to higher levels of performance..

Meet Darren Krakowiak

Darren Krakowiak started his real estate career in Melbourne with Urbis and m3property. He then held various department head and director roles at JLL in Asia Pacific, where he worked for over a decade, and he was the country head of CBRE Korea from 2015 to 2018.

In 2019, Darren returned home to Melbourne with JLL; after 12 years overseas, he experienced the challenges of starting all over again in our industry.

As he drew on his own expertise to make progress, he noticed a gap to support client-facing and revenue-generating commercial real estate professionals in developing modern and relevant skills, so in 2020 he founded CRE Success.

Darren is now 100% focused on helping people in the industry with proven client attraction and retention systems so they can save time, earn more and be top performers in their market.

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Need a speaker or facilitator for an event?

Darren Krakowiak is a confident and charismatic speaker who talks about topics that are relevant to commercial real estate and also resonate with other B2B sales professionals.

With executive presence and a smooth communication style (before he started his commercial real estate career, Darren was a professional radio announcer with ARN), he is always well prepared.

He presents with a blend of credibility and relatability to clearly articulate a message that captivates an audience and lands with impact.

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Speaker Biography

Behind the scenes

This is Juwon and Darren in New York City - the place where she lived for seven years and they visited together in 2017, 2018 and 2020.

They met in Seoul in 2015 and got married in 2018. Darren and Juwon love to travel. This photo is from the last holiday they took together before the birth of their daughter in May 2020.

On this trip, they took the opportunity to get some 'baby bump' photos done (but you can't see the bump in this one!).

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Our 5 Ps - what we stand for


We do what we do with passion.

We pursue goals with persistence.

We keep a positive attitude.

We believe in preparation

We act with professionalism.

Selections from the Blog

Get realistic about the next step.

A quick tip to make a big impact.

Are you making the most of your time?

Hard work doesn't guarantee success.

Why leadership matters in commercial real estate

Darren Krakowiak's leadership philosophy.

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Rob Aird, Managing Director of Unispace, on CRE Success: The Podcast with Darren Krakowiak discussing leadership.
What's inside the box? It might be a new Blue Yeti microphone to be used by Darren Krakowiak on CRE Success: The Podcast - a leading podcast globally for commercial real estate professionals.
Shelley Boland is a leader Corporate Real Estate professional who is also active in CoreNet in Asia Pacific. She joined Darren Krakowiak on CRE Success: The Podcast in 2020 to discuss how service providers, CRE professionals and end-users in the financial services industry can deliver market-leading property solutions.
For commercial real estate coaching and sales training, partner with CRE Success.
Darren Krakowiak is the Founder of CRE Success. He providers coaching, consulting, mentoring, speaking and training to the commercial real estate industry in Asia Pacific and North America.
To find out how to use LinkedIn to grow your network, show them your capability and then know them off the platform, watch the Personal Branding webinar with Darren Krakowiak, Founder of CRE Success.
For Darren Krakowiak, the Founder of CRE Success, a blue Blue Yeti - which matches the corporate colours of CRE Success - was a no brainer when picking a podcast microphone.
Passion. Persistence. Positive Thinking. Preparation. Professionalism. These are The 5 Ps of Commercial Real Estate Success. Get the mini eBook, written by Darren Krakowiak, when you join CRE Success: Membership.

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