Beliefs that are lies - why I pivoted my podcast after 50 episodes

Sep 01, 2021
Beliefs that are lies - why I changed my podcast format after 50 episodes

It's a good idea to set yourself new challenges.

It can stop you from getting stale or starting to just "phone it in".

Sometimes, even if it ain't broke, you can still set the bar higher or change it up, to keep things interesting (as opposed to "fix it").

After 50 episodes, I've evolved the format of CRE Success: The Podcast to

1. Record each episode live to video and stream the recording to LinkedIn and YouTube
2. Record each episode in one take - with no editing or post-production (apart from uploading the audio, which my VA does)
3. Switch the format from interviews - where I can rely on guests to contribute content - to being solely responsible for delivering content (i.e. kind of like a soliloquy!)

I also made these changes because I now realise that some of the beliefs I had about podcasts having to be done "a certain way" weren't accurate. 

Many of the things we believe are lies. 

In episode 51, I share some of what I learned from releasing 50 episodes of the podcast, and the rationale for some of the changes that are in place from episode 51 onwards.




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