21 things you must know before you can grow on Clubhouse

Feb 11, 2021

Become a Clubhouse pro...Clubhouse is the new audio-only networking platform that it seems like everyone who is anyone is currently obsessed with.

Listen to the above clip which features Darren Krakowiak, Founder of CRE Success, speaking to Nina Christian, Founder and Managing Director of marketing firm Braveda. Nina, a content marketing and personal branding expert, shares her thoughts on the new platform and how to use it intentionally.

To help commercial real estate professionals get the most out of their time on Clubhouse, CRE Success has created 21 Clubhouse Tips (download here). Truth be told: these tips will work for anyone who wants to do more than just waste time on another social media platform. 

The free, two-page document covers five areas that newbies and experienced Clubhouse users alike should wrap their head around to ensure they're able to make a splash and start generating business from this new networking hub.

1. Style your profile

The picture you use and the test you include in your profile should be optimised. We'll show you show do it right.

2. Know the lingo

If you want to know what it means to be ping someone into a new room, we've got you covered.

3. Chat is the format

Unmute your mic and share your perspective...but make sure you follow some basic etiquette when you do.

4. Set a date and moderate

From scheduling to titles and co-moderators to enforcing standards, moderating your own Clubhouse room requires a certain set of skills.

5. Community is opportunity

Make sure your follow the right people (and attract the right people to follow you), and don't become consumed by vanity metrics as you curate the right experience for you.

Want the full list of 21 tips? Grab it here: https://www.cresuccess.co/clubhouse



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