Creating an efficient referral system in commercial real estate

Mar 24, 2022
How to get more of the best-quality referrals in commercial real estate

An efficient referrals system is the smartest way to accumulate more commercial real estate clients.

However, bad referrals are no better than no referrals at all.

In fact, they might even be worse…

If you don’t pursue a bad referral, this creates the dilemma of being seen as ungrateful to the person who referred them to you (and thought they were doing you a favour!).

If your best contacts are willing to send you referrals, it’s up to you to make sure they have what they need to send attractive ones your way.

To make this happen, spend a moment to define what an ideal future customer looks like to you and then ask to be sent these types of opportunities.

You’ll then be grateful for, and motivated to serve, every referral that comes your way.

In turn, your best contacts will feel appreciated, and then they’ll be happy to send even more of them in your direction.

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