Leadership should be a responsibility, not a reward

Apr 07, 2022
leadership matter in commercial real estate

In the past, many top-performing commercial real estate agents were rewarded with leadership positions.

This occurred even if they didn't want the responsibility.

It was sometimes bestowed on them regardless of whether they were suited for the role (spoiler alert: deal doers are often more inclined to do deals than lead people).

In the future, individual contributors with no interest in or capacity for leadership won't be offered these roles - and that's a good thing for them, because they'll make more money by staying in income-producing roles.

It's also good for the business, because it allows others with leadership aspirations to make a positive contribution and create an environment where everyone else is more likely to succeed.

I’m not saying deal doers can’t be good leaders - if they take the responsibility seriously, have some self-awareness and don't just want the rego-boost of a bigger title and a profit share to top up their commissions, then they are likely to be great leaders.

If you don’t have access to leaders who help you to be the best you can be, take a listen to episode 82 of CRE Success: The Podcast. 

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