What I’ve accomplished after two years in business (and the work I’ve still go to do)

Apr 14, 2022
Pulling back the curtain and letting you know how far CRE Success has come

If you've ever wondered what starting your own business would be like, this 24-month check-in about the progress that CRE Success has made so far is something you'll want to listen to.

Similarly, if you’re already in business (particularly in the knowledge economy or personal branding space), and you’d like to hear about someone else’s challenges and successes, just to put your own journey into context, then I think you’ll get some value from what I have to share.

I’m peeling back the curtain to reveal the behind-the-scenes highs and lows that have come from trying my hand at entrepreneurship in an unproven market in the uncertain environment of COVID-19.

This includes details about the corporate and individual clients we’ve served in our second year, the 3x revenue growth that has been achieved in the past 12 months, and how much further we must go to reach my short-term ambitions.

I’d love to share this story with you – it’s told in episode 83 of CRE Success: The Podcast.

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