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You don't have to be born with it! This mini eBook gives you five easy-to-cultivate traits to fast-track your commercial real estate career.

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Here is some of what the eBook says about persistence

Persistent commercial real estate professionals will proactively chase leads across multiple communication channels: email, landline, mobile phone, LinkedIn, etc. I have even sent prospects direct messages on Twitter!

Persistent professionals chase the prospect until their efforts result in a conversation, but it doesn’t stop there. Being persistent means remembering to follow up with the prospect, as well as following through with any promises made or requests received.

An example of a lack of persistence is deciding not to chase an opportunity because the business belongs to a competitor. No business relationship is set in stone. The world of business is fluid and dynamic; moving at a faster pace than ever before. Don’t be afraid to chase a prospect who is currently with a competitor, and never assume the prospect is happy where they are (i.e. with your competitor).

When I moved from JLL to CBRE, and then back again, I never assumed that clients weren’t also willing to make the switch, which served me well. By showing and conveying interest, you’re sending the message that you really want their business and you’re ready to serve. 

From a potential client’s perspective, a willingness to pursue persistently and consistently suggests a work ethic and commitment to service that they’re likely looking for in a partner. It implies that – should you be successful in winning their business – you will work just as hard for their interests once you are appointed as you did to earn their trust. 

Meet Darren Krakowiak, Founder, CRE Success

Darren Krakowiak became a Director of JLL Australia at age 27 and the country head of CBRE Korea at age 35 - he knows first-hand what is takes to achieve success in commercial real estate.

In 2019, Darren returned home to Melbourne, and in 2020 he founded CRE Success. He has created a platform to support the professional development of people working in commercial real estate.

He has also built an industry-leading membership to deliver live group coaching and workshops (via twice-monthly video calls), an exclusive online community (including curated content and tailored support), and CRE-specific training (i.e. a 7-module digital course) for his peers in the sector.

Darren is the host of CRE Success: The Podcast - now in it's second season, and available wherever you get your podcasts!

The first video Darren released about the eBook

In early June 2020, 162 people had downloaded The 5 Ps of Commercial Real Estate Success (we're now well over 1,000!!).

In this video, Darren expresses his gratitude to those who had downloaded the eBook up to that point, and he explains how the contents can help CRE people.


$7 USD Get it FREE for a limited time only

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