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CRE Success helps people working in commercial real estate (CRE) in the areas where they need it, whether that is getting more clients and revenue, improving their personal brand, raising their professional profile, strengthening their leadership skills, or accelerating their career trajectory.


We have the coaching processes to empower CRE professionals to take responsibility for their performance, and the relevant frameworks to equip them to reach their full potential. We also possess the necessary experience and knowledge required to mentor individuals looking for guidance on how to achieve success more quickly.


We help people at various points of their commercial real estate career, with a focus on three key stages:

  • Aspiring A-players and emerging leaders who are looking to develop the skills and track record of consistent performance required for future career advancement

  • Newly-appointed leaders or recently-promoted professionals who want to maximise their performance by meeting their leadership responsibilities, growing their personal brand and exceeding set financial targets

  • Established leaders and executives who are committed to continuous improvement through their own on-going professional development and the ability to empower others to achieve success


We work with CRE companies to execute their business strategy in the following areas:

  1. ​Customer experience, including a consistent client-centric approach

  2. Growth plan execution, including sales enablement and operational excellence

  3. Human capital, including employee attraction, engagement and retention

Our offering includes facilitated discussions and guided workshops to help teams collectively find their purpose, develop their vision and implement a results-oriented strategy.


For companies looking for external coaching and mentoring resources, CRE Success partners with select employees to optimise their performance and create outcomes aligned with the firm's objectives.

CRE Success is available to work with emerging talent, recently-promoted professionals and established executives within organisations to identify and develop their leadership skills.


We also engage with high-performing and/or high-potential individuals who will benefit from additional support to clarify their role within the business and harness their full potential.


For group training, we have modules in areas such as personal branding, principles of success, prospecting systems and time-management which can be tailored for an organisation's strategic objectives and teams' specific needs.


CRE Success supports people undertaking career transitions, including:

  1. Coaching and mentoring for individuals to prepare for new career opportunities

  2. Outplacement services which smooth the career-transition process

  3. Managing change, including dealing with professional successes and setbacks, maintaining perspective and developing resilience.

Darren Krakowiak, the Founder of CRE Success, is available to speak at internal events and industry forums on topics related to leadership and achieving success in commercial real estate.


CRE Success also creates content to help people in commercial real estate succeed, including CRE Success: The Podcast.

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