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In December 2020, CRE Success: Membership went live. This is your invitation to be amongst the first 50 people to join this all-new platform and lock-in the introductory price for the life of your membership. 

As one of the first 50 members, you will get more personalised attention and feedback to help you advance faster.

Together with like-minded professionals who want to learn and grow, you'll be shaping the membership offering so it works better for people like you.

And you will be part of building the world's leading online professional development platform for client-facing and revenue-generating people who work in commercial real estate.


Better clients

Find, win and retain clients, on a consistent basis, that you want to work with and appreciate you in return

Higher income

As you deliver more revenue to the business, make sure your earnings and career grows in line with your performance

Bigger impact

Become the go-to person in your marketplace and achieve career success aligned with your personal goals

Meet Darren Krakowiak

Founder, CRE Success


Darren Krakowiak became a Director of JLL Australia at age 27 and the country head of CBRE Korea at age 35. He knows first-hand what is takes to achieve success in commercial real estate.

In 2019, Darren returned home to Melbourne; he experienced the challenges of having to start all over again in our industry, and noticed the lack of resources to help people in that situation.

As he drew on his own experience to motivate himself, he realised that others needed this type of support...

So in 2020, Darren founded CRE Success.

He spent six months coaching and mentoring clients on a one-on-one basis, learning the discipline of Executive Coaching at Swinburne University, and delivering live group training courses to people and companies in commercial real estate.

He then created the CRE Success: Membership platform to pursue his mission of being a leader in the industry who supports the professional development of even more people.

Darren enjoys offering his perspective to help others achieve their full potential - and now he wants to work with a group of positive and ambitious commercial real estate professionals who believe in learning and growing...people just like you!

Darren Krakowiak, the curator of CRE Success: Membership, is also the host of CRE Success: The Podcast for people working in commercial real estate.

What CRE Success coaching and training clients say about Darren

"One of the best coaching and training programs that I have ever joined"

Jufiandi Junizir, Account Lead, JLL

"Very easy to talk to... really listened... had me thinking about things differently"

Julie Gasper, Leasing Manager, Dexus

"First class... global experience...shared ways to immediately improve"

Steve Schmidt, Project Director, DYBDYB

"I thoroughly recommend the course, even for all you industry veterans, refreshing and exhilarating to say the least. To be introduced to, or even reminded of new and innovative ways to best achieve success in our business. Darren’s approach is professional, insightful & respectful and not only does he introduce modern and highly efficient practices but importantly calls on his vast experience in global commercial real estate."

Con Kavooris, Director - Commercial Sales & Leasing, ProRealty

"I found the training and coaching program to be exceptionally motivating"

Daniel Min, Executive Property Manager, CBRE

"Darren has motivated me even though we never met in person"

Rohan Gopala Krishnan, Sotheby's International

"Fantastic... insightful... forward-thinking recommendations" 

Jack Bradshaw, Executive, LJ Hooker Commercial

Driving CRE-specific career trajectory

Commercial real estate is a massive industry, but until now there hasn't been a platform with everything you need to accelerate your career trajectory.  

Here are some common problems for those looking to advance to the next level:

Mentors are in short supply or suitable people don't have the time to give meaningful feedback.

❌ Most business coaches don't understand the industry or aren't worth the investment. 

❌ Some managers are more focused on themselves, or don't have the capacity to support their employees' development.

❌ A lot of the CRE-specific training that does exist is old-school; a reflection of the past, rather than the future of the industry.

CRE Success: Membership is the solution that will teach you what won't learn elsewhere: 

1️⃣ why your mindset determines your level of success (and how to shift it)

2️⃣ how to find, win and keep more clients (that are a pleasure to work with)

3️⃣ curating an authentic personal brand (and then scaling it to reach more people)

4️⃣ getting smart with managing your time (hint: it's related to how you manage yourself)

5️⃣ principles of leadership (including managing your clients, your boss and yourself) 

6️⃣ strategies to navigate your next career move (and the one after that)

and heaps more, all in the context of CRE and with relevance to where the industry is now - and where it is heading.

The Founder of CRE Success, Darren Krakowiak, has the capability, experience, knowledge and passion required to serve members in a meaningful way. He is 100% focused on this new venture - this is not a side-hustle or a hobby.

Darren spent years in leadership positions at the world's two largest commercial real estate service firms, where he had responsibility for leading hundreds of employees and delivering tens of millions of dollars of revenue.

Now, he is completely dedicated to leading, serving and supporting members of this new platform as a coach, mentor and role model.

CRE Success: Membership is an online platform that helps people who work in commercial real estate develop the skills required to succeed professionally.

When you join CRE Success: Membership, you will become part of a community of commercial real estate people who are committed to their own professional development, ready to take responsibility for their results, open to sharing best practice, and determined to reach their full potential - in terms of career trajectory, market impact and earnings

Don't miss your limited opportunity to become one of the first 50 members of CRE Success: Membership

Lock-in the introductory member pricing now

We have set our starting price at just US$997 per year or an affordable US$97 per month. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor and lock-in the current pricing for the life of your membership, which includes US$2,509 of annual value, plus an additional US$218 of special First 50 Member bonuses!

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The Pre-Sale Member discount is 31% off compared with Standard Monthly Pricing of $97 per month on an annualised basis.

CRE Success: Membership includes three core resources 

CRE Success: Community

An exclusive, curated community for CRE people to connect with industry peers, share best practice and motivate each other. Darren will be in there regularly to contribute new content, respond to ongoing discussions and provide support. CRE Success: Community is accessible via its own app, which also contains the CRE Success: Training library for access on-the-go.

CRE Success: Live Monthly

Twice-monthly video calls, including Q&A, to help you implement CRE Success: Training and remain accountable; group and hot-seat coaching so you can speak to Darren directly; and, masterclasses, workshops and guest presenters from Darren's CRE network throughout the year. Recordings will be available if you can't join live (or if you want to watch again).

CRE Success: Training

Seven modules of training for commercial real estate professionals, covering Mindset, Prospecting, Personal Branding, Time Management, Client Experience, Pitch & Win, and Leadership. Written summaries accompany every module. More training modules will be added to the library, based on the future needs of our members and the evolution of the commercial real estate sector.

Access and support as you need it


Would you like to have a place to go when you need support? Would you like to be able to ask someone with the relevant experience, but also with an unbiased perspective?

Wouldn't it be nice to attend group meetings that you can actually look forward to? How does an agenda that is focused on supporting you and your development, not based on someone else's priorities, sound?

How about a library of training which has been developed especially for our industry? And with the expressed purpose of helping you get better clients, earn a higher income and make a bigger impact... all the while keeping you motivated. Would that be helpful?

Darren Krakowiak is a commercial real estate expert who speaks at industry functions and corporate events. He also provides coaching and training to clients in the sector covering prospecting, sales, client experience, time management, personal branding and leadership.

Darren is building a community of like-minded commercial real estate professionals. He is curating a place for you to go when you need advice and a place you will keep coming back to so you can continue growing.

Whether you're being helped, being held accountable or supporting others, CRE Success: Membership is for client-facing, revenue-generating commercial real estate professionals who are leaders in the sector or aspire to become one.


CRE Success: Membership is for people who want to be the go-to expert in their segment, one of the top earners in their marketplace and a recognised leader of the industry.


As CRE Success: Membership grows, we envisage the creation of more groups and a wider offering, including mentoring opportunities, leadership masterminds and more personalised support for those who want it. This is just the beginning...

For now, we invite you to join CRE Success: Membership and enjoy the three main elements; become part of the Community, join our Live Monthly sessions and consume the Training modules.

Best of all, once you're in, your membership fee will never go up - because no matter how big we become, we will never forget that you were here with us from the beginning.

Make an investment in your own success

CRE Success: Membership is an investment in the most important asset you have - your career trajectory and your future earning potential. 

You don't have to waste years trying to figure it out on your own.
You don't need to expend valuable energy trying different approaches until something works.
You don't have to wait in hope for someone to come along and show you the way.
This is your opportunity to take control. Now is the time to move forward.
Join CRE Success: Membership - Darren has already walked down the path you are on, and he is ready to help you get to the destination more quickly - and then go further!

CRE Success: Membership is lower cost than a gym membership. It's better value than executive or life coaching. And it's more relevant to you than generic business and sales training.

Your personal and professional development is a never-ending journey - CRE Success: Membership will support you as you progress and grow with us.

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CRE Success: Training

In 2020, Darren took three cohorts of CRE professionals - of various levels of experience, multiple disciplines and from three different countries - through seven modules of live training. The curriculum has been designed for maximum impact in client-facing and revenue-generating activities - with a final module dedicated to leadership. The training recordings come with key-point summaries to download, as well as what's next to help you implement the learning immediately.

Your CRE Success: Membership includes CRE Success: Training, with one of the seven modules released every two weeks (the same pace at which it was delivered live) to give you the time required to absorb and implement the content from each session.

Upon completion of the core curriculum, members receive a certificate of completion as recognition of their commitment to learning and growth.

CRE Success: Live Monthly

The Live Monthly video calls are a place for members to come together regularly. It is a modality to deliver the latest content and training to members, with accountability markers to help you maintain focus and keep progressing. CRE Success: Live Monthly is also a platform for guest speakers to present workshops and masterclasses. Members will also get more access, with time dedicated in every session for you to ask specific questions and coaching of members in a group forum. 

If you can't join one of the two monthly video calls live, there will recordings available so you can watch (or just listen) back on demand via the CRE Success app on your mobile, or you can catch up on your desktop. 

CRE Success: Community

Experience the satisfaction of building skills and making progress with others in a curated community with like-minded industry peers. Our private online community is

✓ a safe space to ask questions,

✓ a sounding board to workshop ideas,

✓ an ideal place to navigate challenges, and

✓ the perfect platform to share best-practice on being a market-leading professional.

Darren will be actively leading the community by contributing exclusive content, answering questions, participating in discussions, helping with implementation and keeping members accountable.

This is a community that grows with you; we will keep motivating you to make further progress, and as new people join CRE Success: Membership, you will have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills by supporting others - which help evoke new awareness about the material.

Be part of something bigger than yourself - and make new connections with industry peers as you do it - with CRE Success: Community. 

Client feedback on CRE Success: Training 

We surveyed the three cohorts of commercial real estate professionals who participated in the 2020 live delivery of the modules that make up the CRE Success: Training program. The surveys were conducted between modules 4 and 5, and the collated responses are below.

Darren is a recognised industry leader who has been featured in

Frequently Asked Questions

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CRE Success: Membership includes US$2,509 of value per year

CRE Success: Community

An exclusive, curated community with content and support for people in commercial real estate. Sold separately for US$29 per month (i.e. US$348 per year)

CRE Success: Live Monthly

Twice monthly videos calls with workshops, special guests' content and Q&A. Sold separately for US$97 per month (i.e. US$1,164 per year)

CRE Success: Training

Seven modules of online training tailor made for commercial real estate professionals. Sold separately for US$997 as a stand-alone digital course

PLUS annual members get three great bonuses valued at US$218

Additional Live Training

Invites to two additional live training sessions that will be used to create future training modules (valued at US$97 per session)

Podcast Companion

Prefer reading over listening? The CRE Success: The Podcast season 1 guide comes with full episode transcripts and guest profiles (valued at US$17)

CRE Success mini eBook

Passion, Persistence, Positive Thinking, Preparation and Professionalism are The 5 Ps of Commercial Real Estate Success (valued at US$7)

AND a Special Pre-Sale Member Bonus valued at US$247

Private One-on-One Implementation Session

A 30-minute private one-on-one implementation session with Darren Krakowiak in Q1 2021. Use the time for coaching, mentoring or going deeper into the training modules content - whatever you need that will help you most (valued at US$247)

Want peace-of-mind? Still not 100% sure? Don't worry: you're covered by our 30 day, any reason, money back guarantee

We have worked hard to create this solution, and we are confident in the quality of CRE Success: Membership. So much so that we are guaranteeing it; if you join our annual membership and aren't convinced that we can help you get better clients, earn higher income and have a bigger impact, then just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we will process a refund. Whatever your reason for wanting to cancel, we will gladly process your refund within the first 30 days.

CRE Success: Membership is backed by a 30 day, any reason, money back guarantee.

Standard Monthly

US$97 / month

Affordable flexibility - month-to-month investment

  • Flexibility - upgrade to Standard Annual to save 15% or cancel CRE Success: Membership at any time
  • Full access to CRE Success: Community and CRE Success: Live Monthly when you join
  • Access the library of CRE Success: Training (i.e. new module released every two weeks) 
  • Lock-in value - your monthly price will never go up for the life of your membership
  • BONUS: CRE Success: The Podcast season 1 guide, with full episode transcripts and profiles of guests (valued at $17)
  • BONUS: The 5 Ps of Commercial Real Estate Success mini eBook (valued at US$7)

Pre-Sale Member

US$66 / month

Best deal - join for 12 months (annual investment US$797)

  • Love it or leave it! Your investment is protected by our 30 day, any reason, money back guarantee
  • Full access to CRE Success: Community and CRE Success: Live Monthly when you join
  • Access the library of CRE Success: Training (i.e. new module released every two weeks)
  • Lock-in value - your annual price will never go up for the life of your membership
  • SPECIAL PRE-SALE MEMBER BONUS: 30-minute private one-on-one implementation session with Darren Krakowiak in Q1 2021 (valued at US$247)
  • ANNUAL MEMBER BONUS: exclusive invites to additional live training sessions that will be used to create future training modules (valued at US$97 per session)
  • BONUS: CRE Success: The Podcast season 1 guide, with full episode transcripts and profiles of guests (valued at US$17)
  • BONUS: The 5 Ps of Commercial Real Estate Success mini eBook (valued at US$7)
  • STRICTLY LIMITED OFFER: Pre-Sale Member pricing expires Monday, November 30th, 2020 at 11:59pm PT in North America (i.e. on Tuesday, December 1st at 2:59am ET in North America; 7:59am GMT and 8:59am CET in Europe). 

Standard Annual

US$83 / month

Join for 12 months and save 15% (annual investment US$997)

  • Love it or leave it! Your investment is protected by our 30 day, any reason, money back guarantee
  • Full access to CRE Success: Community and CRE Success: Live Monthly when you join
  • Access the library of CRE Success: Training (i.e. new module released every two weeks)
  • Lock-in value - your annual price will never go up for the life of your membership
  • ANNUAL MEMBER BONUS: exclusive invites to additional live training sessions that will be used to create future training modules (valued at US$97 per session)
  • BONUS: CRE Success: The Podcast season 1 guide, with full episode transcripts and profiles of guests (valued at US$17)
  • BONUS: The 5 Ps of Commercial Real Estate Success mini eBook (valued at US$7)

Want to get to know Darren more before you join?


Darren is an industry leader who has been featured in

What Darren's former colleagues have said

"One of my favourite people to work with"

Brian Brenner, Managing Director, JLL (former colleague at JLL)

"Crystal clear direction...can-do attitude and lots of energy"

Suah Baek, Associate Director, Colliers (reported to Darren at JLL and CBRE)

"I've never seen a boss more inspiring than Darren"

Bryant Lee, ex-Director, JLL (reported to Darren at JLL)

"Collaborative, aggressive when required and never lost sight of the goal"

James Tyrrell, Head of Leasing, IFC Seoul (Darren reported to James at JLL)

"Darren always worked hard to get things done right, excellent presenter, very supportive"

Irene Hwang, Business Mgmt, ARA  (reported to Darren at CBRE)

"Always went above and beyond to help others by sharing his knowledge"

Anuja Nikan, Category Specialist, JLL (former colleague at JLL)

"Smart and speedy decision making"

Sohyun Park, Director, JLL (reported to Darren at CBRE)

"Passion... positive attitude... acted with integrity"

Dan Magree, Director, Valued Care (Darren reported to Dan at m3property)

"Seasoned presenter, engaging story-teller, mentored others"

Leonie Mitaxa, Change Manager, JLL (former colleague at JLL)

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12 months' membership

Your investment includes one year of access to:

  • CRE Success: Training - containing seven modules of CRE-specific curriculum for client-facing and revenue-generating professionals (valued at US$997)
  • CRE Success: Live Monthly - twice monthly video calls with workshops, special guests, group and hot-seat coaching, and Q&A (valued at $1,164 per year)
  • CRE Success: Community - an exclusive, private curated community with content and on-going support to help you progress and keep you accountable (valued at US$348 per year)
  • PLUS three great bonuses for annual members (valued at US$218)
  • WITH lock-in value - your annual membership price will never go up 
  • AND peace of mind - you are covered by our 30 day, any reason, money-back guarantee 

DON'T MISS OUT! Introductory Member pricing will only be available for the first 50 members of CRE Success: Membership. Darren wants to work closely with a small number of members to help them get exceptional results, create member case studies, receive feedback on the platform and then we will look to promote the membership more widely.

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