Be obsessed with this in commercial real estate

Sep 30, 2021
Stop obsessing over your fee forecast sheet and instead be obsessive about the quality of your relationships

Have you ever been obsessed with your fee forecast sheet?

Have you ever calculated commission and spent it in your head before the ink has even dried on an engagement agreement?

I did this as an agent even though colleagues warned me it was bad juju!

Whether or not it's really bad luck, I can see now it's bad practice.

It's far more productive to obsess over the quality of your relationships with clients and prospects.

Because when you have amazing relationships with people, everything else in commercial real estate tends to fall into place.

Episode 55 of CRE Success: The Podcast is all about the importance of obsessing over client relationships.

It includes a method you can easily implement to track the quality of relationships with clients and prospects over time.


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